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May 20th, 2013

  • 1:00
  • Welcome Remarks
  • 1:05
  • Opening Keynote: The Rise of The Marketing Technologist
  • Eduardo Conrado, senior VP-marketing and IT, Motorola Solutions
  • The Rise of the Market Technologist

    As new digital platforms disrupt business ecosystems, Marketing leaders must understand technology as an important factor to delivering better customer experiences. In this session, you will learn how Marketing and IT work together at Motorola Solutions, collaborating to play a critical role in technology purchasing decisions, deliver business results and harness technology for the greater good of the company.
  • 1:45
  • Fireside Chat: CMO-CIO: A Model for Collaboration
  • Matthew Jauchius, CMO and Michael Keller, CIO, Nationwide
  • Information, Insight and Action

    The CMO/CIO Partnership: In business today, you can’t have one without the other.

    The evolution of technology-enabled analytics has rapidly evolved – bringing with it the rise of “big data” and a new era of partnership for Marketing and IT. CMOs and CIOs are at the forefront of this change, guiding a new breed of companies harnessing the potential of big data to develop new capabilities, better address consumer needs and build a true competitive advantage.

    It also creates a new crop of challenges. Access to talent, changing technology and company cultures can limit an organization’s ability to effectively utilize big data. Hear how Nationwide CMO Matthew Jauchius and CIO Mike Keller use a strong partnership between the Marketing and IT organizations and advanced marketing analytics to improve media spend and deliver a personalized experience for customers.
  • 2:25
  • Driving Forces: How Six Billion Connected Devices Change Marketing Forever
  • Art Raymond, CEO, Levels Beyond
  • 2:35
  • CMOs: Steer Your Marketing Technology Strategy in the Right Direction
  • Sheryl Pattek, VP & Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
  • CMOs: Steer Your Marketing Technology Strategy in the Right Direction

    CMOs can no longer deny that marketing technology must serve as the foundation to their marketing strategies, delivering consistent customer engagement that empowers buyer's demand across the entire customer lifecycle. However, many CMOs are ill equipped to provide the insight and strategic direction required to make marketing technology purchase decisions needed to create an effective technology ecosystem. By using insights drawn from recent Forrester Research, this session will explore the role CMOs must play in marketing technology decisions and discuss practical examples to take the first steps.
  • 3:10
  • Coffee Break
  • 3:20
  • The CMO/CTO Relationship: A Partner View
  • Bob Lord, CEO and Ray Valez, CTO, Razorfish
  • The CMO/CTO Relationship: A Partner View

    It's undoubtedly hard for many enterprise corporations to bridge the CMO-CTO chasm. But imagine how hard it can be when you are an outside partner brought into to help facilitate this convergence. Well, Razorfish is often in the position of doing just that.

    In this presentation, you'll hear from the agency's Global CEO, Bob Lord, and Global CTO, Ray Velez, on how they have helped numerous Fortune 500 clients build bridges within organizations to help CTOs and CMOs thrive in this digital age of disruption. With in-depth looks at cloud computing, data-enabled creativity, and ubiquitous computing, they will discuss how when executed correctly, both camps can see new life in the world of service-driven marketing through superior experiences.
  • 3:55
  • Big Data Solutions to Marketing Complexity Problems
  • Eric Porres, CMO, Rocket Fuel
  • 4:05
  • The Business of IT: From Servicer Provider to Business Enabler
  • Eric Pearson, CIO (and former CMO) IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group)
  • The Business of IT: From Servicer Provider to Business Enabler

    The new norm of marketing is heavily focused on real-time interactive engagements and social media influence. This transformation has driven increased pressure on the marketing and technology teams to address the changing consumer demands and device proliferation. As a result, the traditional roles of CMO and CIO have become blurred as each assume responsibility for the solutions, data, and delivery that are driving overall performance and brand differentiation.

    This session discusses the importance of the CMO & CIO partnership and how the role of CIO has rapidly changed to be the strategic enabler of the business vs. service provider. To remain relevant, Technology organizations must partner closely with marketing departments, establish strong domain expertise, and deliver smart solutions to support the commercial outcomes that drive the business. Hear from IHG's former CMO who made the switch to CIO and the transformation journey underway.
  • 4:45
  • Product Development, Marketing and Innovation
  • Stephen Liguori, Executive Director-Global Innovation and New Models, GE
  • Where Product Development, Marketing, and Innovation Collide

    The evolution of GE - and its massive transportation and energy businesses - means collapsing historically disparate organizational silos, harnessing the untapped potential of big data, and uncovering new ways of thinking, that can collectively power the company's vision of the industrial internet. But how does that happen?

    For Stephen Liguori, GE's Executive Director of Global Innovation and New Models, this means searching beyond the walls of GE for new operational paradigms and working philosophies, like the 'lean startup' or 'C2B' mentalities, that can be brought inside the organization to inform the creation of new digital tool sets and the imagining of what the industrial equivalent to Apple's app ecosystem might look like.

    In this session, Stephen will discuss this process and how its lead to everything from new marketing campaigns, to the development of novel healthcare and jet propulsion systems, to the creation of new internal groups culled from the world of consumer software.
  • 5:15
  • Cocktails, Sponsored by Turn


Monday, May 20, 2013
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