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    • Explore the latest trends in storytelling, reconciling the seemingly conflicting rise of Vine-style super short-form content with Netflix-style binge viewing.

    • Understand the surge of “native” content creation by brands with real-world examples of cutting-edge creative work from traditional, video, social, mobile, data-driven campaigns and more.

Narrative is core to every aspect of advertising, from basic marketing to branded content and new original programming undertaken by emerging and established media companies alike. The mechanics of telling a good story don’t change, but the medium in which it’s told does--introducing drastic shifts in consumers’ consumption habits and ultimately, new opportunities for brand marketers. What does this mean for you?

Retail & Commerce:

• Go behind the scenes of new options and opportunities for marketers to interact with shoppers through a digital lens.

• What are the most effective digital marketing strategies for leading retail and commerce brands? They’ll tell you.

New digital innovations ranging from Apple’s iBeacon to mobile payment devices are delivering more convenient and personalized retail shopping experiences online and in-store. Brands in the retail space are building their own, customized technologies and teaming with startups to engage consumers in once unimaginable ways. What are you doing—or what should you be?

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