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Welcome to Market to Watch: Building Brands Beyond Tier One in China, which will bring together the leading marketers, ad agency executives and other stakeholders involved in growing brands in China. That country's largest cities have become familiar territory for marketers, who are now moving quickly into China's second, third and fourth tier cities, home to another billion consumers.

Market to Watch: Building Brands Beyond Tier One in China will have more than 500 high-level attendees and speakers over one day of keynotes, speakers, panels and networking. China is one of the most exciting and important markets in the world and moving deeper into the market requires knowledge and experience.

We'll give you the information you need to grow your brands and connect you with the people you need to meet, all in one place: the Shanghai World Financial Center in Shanghai. The one-day event will be packed with high profile speakers, keynotes and networking opportunities.

Who should attend?

Brand marketers, entrepreneurs, ad agency executives, creative, researchers, technologists, venture capitalists, investors, media planners and buyers, digital strategists and publishers.

Key Themes

China has over 160 cities with a population above one million. Most multinational advertisers started with Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, but they cover just a sliver of China's territory. Today, companies need to advance into China's second and third tier cities and beyond.

China's lower-tier cities present enormous opportunities-and just as many new challenges. The conference will offer strategies to adapt to new markets in areas like marketing, product development, media planning, consumer-purchasing power, local competition, distribution, talent, and IP protection. Attendees will hear how successful, innovative companies are overcoming challenges and learn more about consumers in these fast-growing cities-how they live, shop, and engage.

Topics will include:

• Key consumer demographics

• Digital media trends and usage

• Lifestyle and leisure activities

• Luxury goods consumption

• Retail, shopper and field marketing trends

• Human resource and training issues

• Distribution, pricing and product development


4F, Shanghai World Financial Center
Wednesday, September 5, 2012
100 Century Avenue
Pudong, Shanghai,


Phone: +86-21-60649231
Email: adage_confchina@126.com

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